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Out of Work Support
Mario, unemployed citizen, got credits from Social Caring Office of the Municipality for a better chance of being re-entered into the labor market. Thomas, sent by the Community of volunteers to improve computer literacy for Mario, returns Mario's voucher to the Community. Thomas gets in retu...

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Canteen Voucher Donation & Volunteers Engagement
The e-wallet of the Community of volunteers, specialized in social caring, contains vouchers for the canteen and to buy food, issued by Community itself and distributed to its members. Thomas meets Thomas, an immigrant, who asks to sell socks, or receive alms. Andrea wants to help him and asks Th...

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School Support
Social Caring Office of the Municipality assists school drop-outs, helping young students suffering school drop-­out like Alejandro, a student with serious problems of school performance, who receives credits for school support. Alejandro requires lesson to the cooperative specialised in...

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Home Care & Elderly Support
Giuseppe receives vouchers from Social Caring Office of the Municipality for home caring. Giuseppe books a home care service from Community of volunteers (specialized in social caring). Laura, member of Community of volunteers, is asked to provide the home care service to Giuseppe. As soon as it ...

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News & Events

CROSS presentato a Major Cities of Europe - Firenze 01.06.2016

CROSS project was present during the Major cities of Europe event in Florence June the 1st. In the CLIPS propject session project oucomes have been ...

Grande successo di partecipazione alla Prima Conferenza Europea ECDESS 2016

Roma, 21 Maggio 2016 - Comitato Scientifico di ECDESS   Grande successo di partecipazione alla Prima Conferenza Europea sugli Ecosistem...

The app designed for Seville node will be available shortly for all the audience

The app was working only in beta version and for a reduced and restricted number of persons to test all the functionalities and fixing possible bugs...

Guadalinfo has participated in Innova' 16, social innovation and ICT fair.

Guadalinfo, one of the stakeholders from Sevilla node, has participated in the organization of Innova 16’, fair dedicated to social innovation...

The First European Conference “Digital Ecosystems for Social Services": Registration open / Registrazioni aperte

Friday, 20 May 2016 10:00 a.m. Roma, Campidoglio, Sala della Protomoteca The event will inaugurate the ECDESS series of conferences, a new f...

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