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Progetti correlati

Challenge Academy
The Challenge Academy is a platform that facilitates contact between Higher Education Institutions / Research Centres and Organizations (public, private nad non-profit making). We believe that crowdsourcing is an effective way of finding creative solutions to address the problems of organizations, with less investment, either monetary or time, in selecting experts who can respond to their needs. Here you can get solutions from groups of people, from diferrent countries and areas, that work together to improve the lives of organizations. This platform is distinguished from others by the direct involvement of HEIs and Research Centres that will use as an educational tool, as well as adaptation of the research developed in the real problems of the Organizations. The solvers are students, teachers, researchers and alumni of HEI and associated Research Centres, who demonstrate the accuracy and quality in teaching/research. Organizations choosing this platform also have the assurance that sponses to the challenge presented are supervised by a specialist (if this is specified in the solver profile).
City Service Development Kit
Helping cities to open their data and giving developers the tools they need, theCitySDK aims for a step change in how to deliver services in urban environments. With governments around the world looking at open data as a kick start for their economies, CitySDK provides better and easier ways for the cities throughout the Europe to release their data in a format that is easy for the developers to re-use.
Do-it Trust
Do-it Trust is part of the CROSS EU Ecosystem through our partnership with Sparta Technologies. Using the API from the new Do-it.org volunteering platform, Sparta have built a native mobile app that will be available on both Android and iOS in the summer of 2015. Enabling mobile access to our services is a key priority for Do-it and thanks to CROSS and Sparta these apps will make it even easier for anyone to volunteer using their smartphone.
EU Platform for Intelligent Cities
EPIC is a digital european platform that fosters technologic solutions and offer the possibility for the municipalities to adopt new digital instruments to create and share services to realize “smart cities”. One of the main objectives of EPIC is to improve the high standards of living of the citizens through technological innovation, ensuring an easy access at every new administrative tools. CROSS will riuse the results obtained by EPIC for what concerns the electronic storage of administratives data (open data), that will be sent by the Manchester City Council, partner of the two projects.
European Civil Registry Network
The ECRN project, aiming at providing a significant contribution to an effective eGovernment service for EU citizens such as the safe and certified transmission of Civil Act (birth, death, and marriage) certificates exchanged among the local administrations of the EU Member States. CROSS will re-use results on certificate issue, as transferred by the CROSS coordinator that is a service provider for ECRN, for what concerns the management of administratives data of the users registered in the consortium.
The iCity project aims at making a step forward in the co-creation of services of public interest by third parties (developers, small and medium enterprises,…) that are pushing for their space as service providers in the urban spaces of Smart Cities. The project intends to develop and deploy an approach to allow these interested parties to create, deploy, operate and exploit services based in the use of available public information, digital assets and infrastructures in cities.
IES Cities
IES Cities goal is to generate a fully validated urban apps enabling platform. Such platform, will be made available for any council willing to promote their citizens' and companies' innovation open data, so that they can give place to a urban apps ecosystem that exploits both city's provided data, through open data repositories, and user-generated data provided by the citizens themselves by interacting with their city by means of IES Cities services.
Open Cities
Scope of the OPEN CITIES project is to improve the knowledge and the use of innovative management systems in the public sector, through the experimentation of researches on the territory using “Future Internet” services for the smart cities. The OPEN CITIES project will offer the possibility for publi administrations to solve some city issues through new digital tools. The union of the private ad the public sector will ensure a great integration of the citizens  for what concerns the problem-solving processes within the municipalities involved in the project.

OPEN CITIES can give an important contribute to the CROSS Project, by transfering, through the Comune di Roma (partner of the two projects), the results obtained with the cooperation between public and privat sector for the management of the technological platform put at the use of the citizens.
The objective of PERIPHÈRIA is to deploy convergent Future Internet (FI) platforms and services for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles in and across emergent networks of “smart” peripheral cities in Europe, dynamic realities with a specific vocation for green creativity. Its Open Service Convergence Platform, an “Internet by and for the People”, extends and enhances the Save Energy project's Social Information Architecture, integrating key new components – sensor networks, real time 3D and mobile location-based services – with the FI paradigms of Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS) and Internet of People (IoP).
The SMARTiP project, focusing on the challenge of transforming public services by empowering 'smart citizens' who are able to use and co-produce innovative Internet- enabled services within emerging 'smart' cities. CROSS will re-use results of smart engagements of citizens, as transferred by the common partner Manchester Digital Development Agency (coordinator of SMARTiP).
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